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Looking to automate your various living spaces? Tired of struggling to integrate the old and new technology? With 22 years of experience in the Low Voltage and Specialty Wiring Industry, Digital Video of Charleston has the expertise needed to bring your home to life. Seamless and user friendly are the pillars of our business. Let us take the confusion out of designing the system of your dreams. Our Whole Home Audio system offers precise control over the music playing in each room. Jazz in the bedroom and classical in the kitchen? No problem. The integrated speakers allow for a multi-zone listening experience that is unsurpassed. Perhaps you are looking for the best way to install the new flat panel television. We’ve got you covered with our invisible wires and universal remote. Seamless and user friendly. Have Alexa dim the lights, or Google Home prep the grocery list. Our smart home integration system turns every room into a smart space where fun and family business gets accomplished using only the sound of your voice. Fill out the form below for a free estimate, or simply call (804) 203-6715 to bring your dream home to life.

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Music is integral to our home life. The right music can relax a tired body, calm an agitated mind, or even energize the party. Allow our Multi-Room Audio system to help you spend less time fumbling with separate stereos and more time listening to the music that suits your mood. With our Distributed Audio Systems you can control the sound in each room with the touch of a button. Finished cleaning up in the kitchen but still intrigued by the news story you were listening to? Take it with you to the bedroom. Never miss the end of your favorite song, or a chance to have a sing along with the kids on the patio. Want to make the game room the ultimate sports destination? Our flat panel television installations can bring the big game right to your room with stunning clarity. Better yet, fully customize the game room into your own personal home theatre. Imagine never having to rush to meet a show time or stand in line. With our personalized home theater installations, what movie and when it’s shown is always up to you. Call (804) 203-6715 today to set up an appointment, or simply fill out the form below to get in touch with an expert.

Ever have to deal with a rat’s nest of cables cluttering up your space? Our Structured Wiring Service can create a seamless and clean home networking solution that supports RG6 Cable and Cat6 Data/Telephone Wiring. Allow yourself lightening quick internet access through multiple computers, or procure the highest quality audio and visual from a high-tech home camera system. Nothing is more important than the safety of your family, and Digital Video of Charleston is committed to providing you with a system that is easy to use and meets your lifestyle needs. Our camera installations offer unprecedented piece of mind, reliability, and convenience. Always be in the know, whether at home or on the go.

No one enjoys lugging the vacuum up and down flights of stairs. With our Central Vacuum Systems your tired back is a thing of the past. Central Vacuums add value to your home and eliminate the need for heavy, canister style vacuums. With the main section of the vacuum located in a garage or closet, we keep the air dust free and the noise away from living spaces. Contact us today by phone at (804) 203-6715, or simply fill out the form below to set up an appointment.

Ever wish your house could monitor itself while you were away? With our expertly installed camera systems that wish is at your fingertips. Rest easy with piece of mind that your new smart space is monitoring appliances for leaks, or adjusting the temperature in your cellar. Save yourself the stress of having to purchase several sets of components to meet your needs. We will be happy to design a system that exceeds your expectations. Turn your home into a protector of your most valuable asset— your family’s health and safety. Call (804) 203-6715 today to set up an appointment, or simply fill out the form below.

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